Online marketing

Online marketing connects the creative aspect of marketing and technical aspect of the Internet, and refers to advertising via channels (e-mail, wireless media and other) which enable effective realization of marketing goals.  The advantages of this type of marketing are lower costs, direct communication with your target audience and measurable results which provides the possibility of analyzing individual campaigns and their adaptation, i.e. increasing their effectiveness.


Creative newsletter campaigns are a strong marketing tool for informing current and attracting new customers, increasing reputation and building lasting relations with your consumers.  Content management is very important – form matters but content is the king!

Our agency can provide the complete e-newsletter campaign support – from creating content and great design to programming, preparing and sending newsletter campaigns to your clients.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is a direct and fast model of communication with your clients and is believed to be one of the most effective advertising channels. Communicating messages via mobile phones is precise, custom-made, personalized and very popular due to its simplicity and is also easily measured and therefore customizable. Our agency can provide full support in managing complete system of creating and sending SMS campaigns.

Social media

Like the Internet, social media has completely changed the world and dissolved language and distance barriers, providing brands with the platform for global reach of numerous potential clients. Giving the tangible advantages of online communication – cost-effectiveness compared to traditional marketing, measurability of results, availability and direct interaction with customers – not using the vast possibilities of social media marketing would be – a waste of money.

Be where your clients are - we will make a complete online communication strategy for your business and implement it! We can create tailor-made presence of your company on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube with creative content which will engage consumers – via content management or more complex models of interaction – applications.

CRM systems

Customer relationship management systems are a great benefit to your business – they help you organize all kinds of information in order to assist you in dealing with customers effectively and efficiently.

CRM as an organized database containing information on your customers is a very useful tool in marketing and sales as it provides the possibility of identifying and targeting customers you want to reach with custom offers or campaigns. Feel free to contact us if you need systematic database and support in managing customer relationships – we can provide CRM systems fully customized to your needs!

Public relations

Establishing and maintaining good relations and mutual understanding between a company and its publics is key for successful business. Well-planned and advised communication management with suited communication channels targeted at specific stakeholders lead not only to good acquaintance with your business and its products and services, but also to strengthening reputation and image of your company among the general public.

As experienced PR practitioners we can provide a number of services – from creating press releases and sending to targeted media, organizing press conferences and consulting on media inquiries to strategic planning and communication with your key stakeholders.

Web Development

Importance of professionally developed website does not need any additional emphasis – nowadays Internet is the first place where a potential client will search for a product, service or company. A well-designed website is an efficient marketing tool and a showcase of your products and services which gives you global presence 24/7. 

Please feel free to contact us if you need a visually attractive and professional website which will creditably represent the identity of your company and efficiently convey your main message. We provide it all – from website content and design to programming and hosting services.

CMS programs

Keeping your website up to date with changes in your company or its products and services is as important as its custom-made design and content.

Content Management System gives you the possibility to manage your website’s content independently, cost-efficiently and very easy. Given that the system is adjustable, we can provide you with content management program tailored to your company’s needs – or take it completely off your hands to leave your mind free for business.


Despite immense possibilities of the Internet, print design is not to be easily casted aside. There are many reasons going in favor of print as a strong marketing tool – besides the fact that a large number of consumers still chose print media as most favorable way of receiving information, print publications and ads are easily perceived, they are long-term and – equally important – accessible in places where electronic media is not.

If you need internal publications or publications intended for presenting and informing your potential or existing business partners, we are at your service. Internal magazines, annual reports, newsletters, company profiles, leaflets, brochures or catalogues... we can ensure the complete service – from concept sketch of the publication to content, design and the final print.


Promotions and merchandising are a direct method of attracting customers’ attention and inciting sales. By using elements like design, product, package, price and display, along with the strategic choice of customers to target in the right time, merchandising incites interest and entices customers to make a purchase. Alongside promotion as an inevitable model of presenting products and services with direct interaction of consumers and promoters, promotions and merchandising are an integral element of product placement and a way of differentiating from your competition.

We will be happy to organize or consult you on how to use promotions and merchandising for attracting attention, connecting with consumers and achieving results, guided by your business goals.